360 Soft Box [A Pair,400W]


Efua Trendy Soft Box

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ET 360 Efua Trendy Soft Box

Restocked and improved ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️.Here @efuatrendy change is the only constant thing.
This new restock come’s with our new 400W clear led bulbs making it possible for the light to travel further away for a wider coverage. Clear bulbs are super expensive.So it can’t be sold at the old discounted price please 🙏🏽.But trust me,you will love this new 400W clear bulbs.It reflects more light and the light has a wider coverage 🙏🏽.It was a special request we made at the factory,you won’t get this bulb anywhere.

This 360 soft box is suitable for full human photography and facial photography as well.Suitable for all types of product photography as well.Makeup artist can use it because is very soft on the face and give’s a very clear and bright facial photography.

1.400W Clear LED bulb (2pieces)
2.Four light colors
3.360 soft light coverage (2 pieces)
4..Super bright.Brightness can be adjusted
5..Bag for the soft box (2 pieces
6.Remote control (2pieces)
7.2.1m Strong Tripod Stand

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  1. Haz

    great product 150W bulbs.

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